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Seeking Food and Shelter

Caring For Life is blessed to be sited at Crag House Farm, where we see many beautiful sights, even on crisp, frosty, wintry days. The sunrises and sunsets can be amazing at this time of the year and men and women attending daytime therapeutic projects here start to comment when they see a really glorious sunset at the end of the afternoon. 

A closer look enables us to point out lots of birds feeding on the hedgerows and trees around the Farm. With a bumper crop of holly berries this year, we have seen flocks of redwings gobbling up the berries, joined by blackbirds, mistle thrushes and also jays.

The berries form a vital food source, whilst other birds flock to our bird feeding stations. 

The birds have been busily feeding from early morning till almost dark, to stock up on their reserves before very cold nights. Wrens and long tailed tits can also be seen flocking together at sunset, seeking out sheltered spots for a communal roost, to help them survive the night.

At Caring For Life, we receive referrals of people seeking food and shelter all year round, but these requests can increase in the more severe weather. We often need to deliver a food parcel immediately to someone in need, and there may be requests for accommodation which have to be dealt with speedily in a crisis. There is always lots to do for Christmas events, as well as ongoing planning, plus starting to deliver gifts and hampers. But a priority is to seek to ensure that each person has the food and shelter they need.



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