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Stepping up a Gear

Everything has to step up a gear here at Caring For Life as Christmas approaches. We are busy all year round, but this time of the year brings extra activities and responsibilities for us. We are very grateful for the support received at our first Christmas Fayre, and look forward to a second event soon, but it all requires lots of preparation.

Santa arrives on horse and cart for our first Christmas Fayre of 2019.

At Crag House Farm in the centre, where everyone gathers for coffee and for meals, a poster has given advance notice of some special Christmas activities in the week ahead, ensuring that everyone who attends the various therapeutic activity projects gets to join in one of the fun sessions!

Then, alongside all their usual work, the Being There housing support team is busy distributing hampers and gifts to those they support who will not be with us on Christmas Day.

Lots of logistics are involved in ensuring that no one is missed.  Christmas can be a very tough and isolating time for people who may never have had a happy Christmas in the past, or who have no family to be with. So no one minds stepping up a gear to ensure that each person is provided for. 

Our prayer is that our efforts to care for each person will turn their eyes to Christ, as Christmas is all about Him and His incredible love for each of us.



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