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Summer news from the equestrian team!

This week we hear from our equestrian team and what they have planned during the summer months:

Summer is an exciting time on the equestrian project as we are able to do jobs on the land and with the horses that we don’t get to do during the winter months. Although the warmer weather also gives us extra jobs too with the weeds growing at great speed!

The longer, warmer days enable more opportunities to work with the horses, exercising them and doing different activities with them. For the beneficiaries on the project being able to work with the horses each day is such a blessing to them. They love having riding and driving lessons and caring for the horses each day.

One of the highlights of the summer is the preparation for and then going to horse shows. Everyone loves getting the horses show-ready, which involves lots of grooming, plaiting and cleaning. It's such a pleasure for everyone to then watch them go around the Show ring looking beautiful!

The shows also provide new opportunities for our beneficiaries, most of whom won’t have been to a show before. Shows enable new skills to be learned and a sense of pride when their horse listens to them and behaves whilst in the ring.

We have had a few new beneficiaries join us recently on the project and they are settling in well, the team are all kind and have been showing them what to do, which really helps them to get familiar with everything and make new friends.

We are so thankful for this project, which provides such a crucial, beneficial environment for those in our care. The horses have lovely personalities, and each beneficiary has a special connection with them.


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