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That time of year in our retail social enterprises.

Our Social enterprises are gearing up for Christmas as the end of the summer season has properly drawn to a close.

The Glasshouse enjoyed a year of activity with a whole range of plants being sold from our suppliers, but also with a large amount supplied from our own homegrown horticulture project.

The opportunities have not been shortcoming either, with many conversations had with people coming through the door, many discovering us for the first time, where we have been able to tell people about the work we are doing as a charity in the city of Leeds.

Whilst the summer season may have turned to Autumn, the glasshouse is still a busy environment. Preparations, stands, displays and products have all started to make an appearance for our Christmas season. The seating area, which was introduced early this year for people to use if they wish after purchasing from the grab and go coffee shop is out, in preparation for the more ‘adverse’ weather. But we are always at the ready to tell people of the activities the charity will be engaged with this season, in delivering food hampers, and making a great Christmas experience for those we care for.

But it’s not just our Glasshouse preparing for a busy season. The Farm shop has started to get its high quality, lovely, products in for our customers to peruse.

The cost of living has started to impact sales, and we have seen a shift in peoples buying abilities, so we are trying to be reactive and sensitive to this, whilst also providing the same high quality that people are used to.

We are thrilled to have had two new staff join the shop team, and they are raring to go as we enter this next season.

The social enterprise is there to help raise crucially needed funds for Caring For Life. But it is also a window of opportunity that we long to see used for God's glory, as we seek to serve and talk to people in a way that is Christ honouring.

We find ourselves busy most of the time, but we do enjoy when we are able to meet supporters who come up, whether it is to grab a lunch after dropping a harvest off, or if it is just to visit and enjoy a shopping trip out. We enjoy opportunities to talk to customers who don’t know of CFL and its wonderful when we can talk of what God has enabled us to do in the Charity.

So as the Christmas season gets underway across our world, do pray that we will use opportunities to not only find ways of financially supporting Caring For Life, but through these outlets have windows of opportunity where we can proclaim the Good News of Jesus and the hope He brings this Christmas to all.


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