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“What can possibly go wrong?”

Our online cookery lessons have proved to be quite the hit. Running the 3rd Tuesday of each month, folks have enjoyed baking some delicious treats, the most recent of which was "Top Hats", an Irish traybake which proved very popular. 

Some folks came along to watch rather than participate and to instruct folks when things were not going to plan. Others, however, got stuck in and particularly enjoyed licking out the chocolate bowl at the end.

It quickly became apparent how difficult it is to bake and zoom at the same time, with chocolate ending up all over the staff member’s computer - much to the amusement of the attendees. 

Folks were very proud of their bakes and bombarded their key workers with pictures of their delicious treats! One lady enjoyed the baking zoom so much that she made a theme tune to be used during each future baking zooming session, which referred to our staff member as the new Mary Berry!!



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