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Whilst we await the new hens!

This week we hear from Connor, our Poultry project leader:

The poultry project is always a busy place to be, it is a lot more than just feeding chickens and collecting eggs.

Over the summer months, there is a lot of growth in the bushes and trees around the chicken field, with lots of weeds sprouting up too. As a team, we like to keep on top of this and it has been a great opportunity to teach a few of those who attend the project, another skill of maintaining the grounds and using different tools. One gentleman got to use some new equipment for the first time, such as loppers and strimmers to cut the grass and bush branches down. He had great fun doing this and was very amused when the chickens began playing with the branches he had just cut down!

It has been a turbulent year for the poultry world, as chicken farms across the country had to keep their hens inside for a good chunk of the year, due to avian flu. It’s such a shame having to keep the birds inside, but as we all know from doing it ourselves the last few years, it was for their own safety. It was an exciting time letting the birds back outside though and everyone loved seeing the birds outside again and enjoying themselves.

At the end of October, we will be getting a new flock of hens, along with a new set of nest boxes, both of which are very kindly donated by a faithful supporter. It is another source of excitement on the project as we wait for the new hens and can’t wait to welcome them to the farm.

It is such a blessing to be able to share Gods love in such practical ways and it is amazing to see how everyday situations can be used, to bring glory to him.


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