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Crucial Help at Christmas

Christmas is still some time away, but we have to get ready early here at Caring For Life. Over 100 Christmas food hampers have to be prepared, ready for distribution by members of our Being There housing support team.

This task alone requires a great deal of preparation, and we are so thankful to all those who gave donations of harvest food, which has enabled this wonderful end result of a Christmas hamper! A huge amount of sorting has already taken place, in preparation for this final task.

On hamper-packing day, tins have to be packed into the Christmas hamper bags, then the hampers taken to a different store on the Farm so that dried foods can be added, along with Christmas treats. 

We are extremely grateful to Allianz UK who sent 13 staff to help us this week. They worked really  hard to get the hampers completed in good time and formed a “dream team”, having fun on the day.

Caring For Life seeks to ensure that no one we support is forgotten at Christmas, but it is a big task and the help of corporate volunteer teams is absolutely crucial! 



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