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Donating a Day

This week, a team from Lloyds Bank downed tools and donated a day to Caring For Life! We are immensely grateful to all our volunteers, including groups of corporate volunteers, who take time away from their usual duties to help us out.

The Lloyds volunteers knew what they were in for, some having volunteered in the past, so they knew they would be faced with a mountain of tinned food to sort!

A wonderful and very welcome flood of harvest gifts arrives at Caring For Life at this time of the year, donated by churches and groups up and down the country. But it all has to be sorted. The Lloyds team worked throughout the day, sorting tins into not only food types, but also date categories, so that they can be used effectively for food parcels.

Their help was crucial and made all the difference in enabling us to store the food which has been donated. Every food parcel that will be given out in the year ahead, every Christmas hamper, and every free meal served, depends on careful sorting of food at this stage.

We are truly grateful that the Lloyds volunteers donated a day, and their time was certainly well used. 

People who donate food and volunteers who help to sort it are all a part of a wonderful ministry of providing very practically and compassionately for people who are finding life itself a  real  struggle. Much of our work at Caring For Life involves giving people time; time to listen and really hear what a person is trying to say, time to sit with someone who simply needs company, or time to advocate for them when the world of housing applications, benefits or bills is just overwhelming. 

We in turn do thank all our volunteers who give Caring For Life the valuable donation of time.



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