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It Must Be Nearly Spring

Although the official start of Spring is still a week or so away, here at Caring For Life, we are gearing up! We all look forward to the weather being a little warmer, but it’s also the signs of Spring that can perk us all up a bit!

One of the gentlemen on the agriculture project recently saw two juvenile mute swans on the lower pond here at Crag House Farm and took a photo. Not a sign of Spring, but the first time we have seen swans on our ponds, so it was well spotted.

For some time, people in ArtShop, our therapeutic art project, have been busy creating a “Springwatch” display. Every year, people attending the daytime therapeutic projects at Caring For Life race to be the first to spot various signs of Spring. ArtShop produces some beautiful creations to advertise the competition and to help everyone know what to look out for. The display went up this week, so the competition is officially open! The wild daffodils are already putting on a lovely display of their own, and the first frogspawn has been sighted here on the Farm, with its location kept top secret, so that someone can be the first to spot this early sign of Spring.



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