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'A bird in the hand...'

While mowing one of our fields for hay I noticed a tiny fledgling jumping around in the freshly cut grass. I stopped the tractor and jumped out of the cab to catch the noisy young Skylark chick and move it out of danger from my machinery. As I was in a hurry to continue my work and never thought to take a photo of this once in a lifetime experience.

As I reflected on this incident I was acutely aware of the fact that although I had rescued the bird from the imminent danger of mowing machinery, circling overhead were a pair of Red Kites looking for lunch and on the ground crows were searching the freshly revealed ground for a tasty morsel. The adult Skylark was flying close by, but was incapable of providing the protection for the chick that the thick, long grass had given. I just hope it survived a few more days until it could fly and escape the risk of predation.

I'm sure you will be able to see the analogy of this incident with the work of Caring For Life. So often our staff team are suddenly faced with the challenge of helping people in very risky or dangerous situations where immediate intervention is required and is given. But we're also often aware this doesn't always remove the person completely from other potential risks or dangers and our ongoing support is often very necessary.

We are truly grateful for the prayers and donations that enable us to walk alongside and seek to rescue people who find themselves in desperate circumstances. We appreciate the unique and sometimes brief opportunities that we have to help them. It is gratifying to know that we've done all that we can and both comforting and amazing to know that God is able to do what we cannot. Each person that comes into our hands is an opportunity to rescue, restore and rebuild a life with the Lord's help.




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