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A Full Greenhouse!

We've a full greenhouse again...with plants and now people! We've entered into some new routines, and it feels much more natural to see everyone each week. We have finished planting up all our displays around the car park and entrance to the Greenhouse. We had a right laugh recently when removing some old plants from a display near the main car park. Very unexpectedly we found an egg buried in the soil...some chicken must have wandered quite far to hatch their egg there! Now each morning we check on our displays (water, deadhead) and make sure they look as brilliant as they can be...and if any chickens have decided to pay a visit!

Now that we've begun summer, our strawberries in the Polytunnel are coming along nicely and we get to pick them a few times a week. We have a hive of friendly bumble bees to keep us company as we pick the ripest, reddest, best smelling strawberries on the market.

It's hard to resist eating as many as we pick, but I will say some quality control does take place...I think I'm in the right job!



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