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A New Garden

The pandemic has seen many people taking a renewed interest in gardening. Here at Caring For Life we have been developing gardens at Crag House Farm, the home of the charity, for many years. It has been a privilege to undertake this work alongside lots of beneficiaries, who have all enjoyed playing their part. Then to see so many of those we support enjoying visiting those gardens, sitting in peaceful spots and enjoying listening to the birdsong.

Whilst we are currently unable to have beneficiaries attending the project, Jake has been able to undertake work on the new Japanese Garden. He writes…

We have been fortunate to have secured funding from The Finnis Scott Foundation for trees and shrubs to plant our new Japanese Garden here at Caring For Life. The first trees to be planted were three mature Amelanchier Robin Hill specimens. These are a fantastic tree complete with spring blossom, fruit for wildlife, blazing autumn foliage and a hardy constitution for our sometimes windy site.

The trees we planted are already mature at 3metres to 3.5metres in height. They may grow a further metre or so in the next 10 years. They take on a lovely spreading habit with age.

These trees will provide much needed structure to the area and will be under planted with pines, rhododendrons, conifers and acers. The whole area will have a relaxed and contemplative feel with plenty of seating to rest and take in the planting. The garden will also feature a display area which will become the permanent home to our small collection of bonsai trees, which our beneficiaries have been involved in growing, training and caring for.  

We very much look forward to welcoming people back onto the project in due course, enabling them to continue the development of the gardens.


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