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'Unsung Hero's'

Since the early days of Caring For Life we have been blessed and privileged to have young people come to us for their gap year and join our ‘Time For Jesus’ scheme. A Time For Jesus volunteer, is a person who gives us a year of their lives to serve God here, in whatever area we need help.

The year can be very challenging and tiring, however it is also a year in which one can truly understand what it means to serve Christ in a very practical and real way. The rewards of this year far outweigh any of the physical tiredness that can be faced, and we have found that those who have completed the year in the past have found the year to be greatly beneficial and rewarding.

This year we are very blessed to have four enthusiastic young ladies, three of whom joined us last October and one who joined more recently. They are having a very busy time helping on our daytime projects and also helping in the farm shop, café, giving lifts, manning the reception desk and switchboard, errand running and also cooking lunches for up to 40 people in one sitting.

We are of course still dealing with the effects of Covid which means covering when gaps arise in various areas at a moment’s notice and they are taking this in their stride. They arrive each morning with willing hearts and big smiles prepared for whatever the day will bring!

Please pray for this team. Pray that they will really know God's presence as they serve Him this year. Pray that opportunities to not only practically show Jesus’ love, but also to explain to those in our care how they personally know the love of Jesus.




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