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Bible Studies

We are so encouraged on CFL’s Housing Support team with the ladies and gents who regularly attend our monthly Bible studies. We have 25 people who we pick up around the city and bring them to the farm for the study and tea. Some of them are really isolated and it may be the only social event they go out to. Thankfully it’s one where they hear the good news about Jesus too!

We often do something visual with props, acting or a DVD and then a short explanation and a prayer. This month the story is the love of Jesus washing His disciples feet, even when He knew one amongst them was going to betray Him.

Everyone is so good at listening and there is no shortage of hands going up when questions are asked!

We recently gave out easy read Bibles to those who wanted them, how precious it is to see these being read in their own homes.

After the Bible study we enjoy a hot meal together and lots of chatter. The journey home is often a time when more questions are asked about what they’ve heard that evening.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to invite folk, we get a chance to share time together and to learn more about Jesus.


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