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Blossom, the runaway horse...

This week we hear from Emma on the equestrian project about the horse's daily adventures:

On the Equestrian project, we have a similar structure day to day. in the morning the horses are brought in from the fields, and we feed and groom them. Then we split into groups and some go riding or driving, whilst others take part in field and yard jobs, such as stocking up on hay, or poo picking in the fields. The afternoon is similar with more jobs and rides taking place before the horses are put back out in the fields and then mucking out the stables.

However, some days are more eventful than others!

Our horses like to keep us on our toes...

Recently our newest member of the team, Blossom who we got in July to be our new carriage driver, has learnt how to escape from the field even when the gate is shut!

The gate consists of two electric fence wires with handles on, and there is about a 3 ft gap between the two. We saw Blossom stick her head down through the gap and lift her legs up high to step over the lowest wire and escape! We were baffled at how she didn't get electrocuted, her mane must be so thick that she couldn't feel it!

She then proceeded to gallop up and down the pathway before charging down to the yard and then the stables. Whilst this was really frustrating, it was also hilarious!

One of our ladies was in the stables getting the feeds ready for when the horses came in from the fields and she had the shock of her life when Blossom came cantering into the stables all by herself! This lady said she was so shocked and Blossom skidded to a stop right in front her, before she then just calmly walked into her stable and waited for her food to be brought to her!

Blossom then did this again the day after so we realised we had to change the gate! We now have worked out how to keep her in, but until we get a proper 5-bar gate we just have a sheep hurdle fence leaned over the gap which works for now!

The horses are always up to mischievous things and making us laugh. We have running jokes for each horse and their personalities, which, brings a lot of amusement and laughter to the project.

The horses are such a blessing, daily, we see how God uses small everyday things to bring joy to the lives of those we support, and opportunities for us to share his love with them.


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