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Bringing Together Art and Nature

The ArtShop Project at Caring For Life provides opportunities for people to try their hand at lots of different skills, in a supportive environment. Last year, one of our volunteers suggested doing a project based on mosaics, so we started some practise pieces, using donated coasters and placemats as backgrounds. 

Some beautiful items have been produced, and it was lovely to see a number of people really enjoy this activity - finding the repetitive way of working both therapeutic and soothing. This year we plan to extend this project and also work together with the Conservation project here at Caring For Life,  seeking to create some mosaics that will be placed in the gardens at Crag House Farm! This is an exciting venture and a new challenge for us all, bringing art and nature together in a slightly different way. 

Then, although Spring is still quite a way off, one of the gentlemen on the ArtShop Project is very keen that we start looking at a “Springwatch” display in the Centre at the farm. He has lots of ideas, which are under wraps for now, but which will all be on view in due course! 


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