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Creative Endeavours!

The Art Room is gradually beginning to fill up again, with a mixture of creative endeavours!

Back in the autumn, quite a few beneficiaries helped begin a woodland theme on the window, with collage hedgehogs, rabbits and owls gradually appearing!

Just before Easter we wanted to add an Easter twist, and so, at the request of a beneficiary, a (rather exhausted!) Easter bunny arrived on the scene. He has lots of patterned eggs falling from his basket and each animal received one!

"It was lovely to create something just for fun, and bring together a mix of ideas and skills in the process."

As well as working together on group themes, some people have really enjoyed the chance to finish off long awaited personal projects. One lady had set herself the challenge of sewing cushions based on characters from the Simpsons- two of which were made back in 2020, and had been on ‘lockdown’ in the art room storage since then! She was really happy to be able to continue making more when she came back last May, and the project was finally completed once some of our wonderful volunteers had returned, who were able to assist with last minute touches on the sewing machine.

There was much excitement when the final cushion was stuffed and we could document the moment with a photoshoot before they disappeared off to their new home!

We have also recently welcomed a few new faces into the Art Room family who are getting stuck into helping with new displays, all to be revealed on Supporters Day! We pray that during their time with us they may learn about the love of our Heavenly Father and become part of His worldwide family too.


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