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Farm Life Filmmaking

As we approach spring, it’s a wonderful time to get outside to film and take photos.

Surrounded by constant reminders of God’s majesty, it’s a joy to sit and listen to the birdsong in the sensory garden whilst we take pictures of snowdrops, or walk down to see the Agriculture team hard at work calving, (and whilst we’re there, getting some cute footage!)

We’re reminded that God looks after His creation and that He looks after us too.

Very excitingly, we are so thankful to have received some money from trusts to enable us to purchase equipment. One highlight was walking around the farm with a new ‘GoPro' attached to our head (see footage below!), but we look forward to doing so much more with the new equipment. It should make filming easier and more accessible to the people we support.

There is so much to film and lots of ideas from our beneficiaries. We’re kept busy, but it’s great to get out onto many different projects around the farm to see what’s going on. It’s also such a privilege to be able to chat with so many individuals when we go around to film and photograph all the different, exciting things happening at Caring For Life.

Matt Lewis


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