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Filling the Days

For many of those being supported by Caring For Life during Covid-19, a major problem is how to fill their days. This is especially the case for those who are living alone and it is very tough for those who don’t have a garden or access to a nice local area to walk in. All those who formerly attended therapeutic projects at Crag House Farm are  missing those activities badly, finding that the days can really drag. 

The weekly programme of online activities being run by Caring For Life’s key workers was set up to give more of a routine for people, and it is proving popular! 

Whether it’s Football Focus with Steve, Coffee and Chat with Lynn, Art Activities with Rachel, the weekly Quiz, the zoom  Bible studies  or a virtual visit to Crag House Farm, everything helps to fill the day and to give a real boost as people see friendly faces or familiar scenes. The idea of Coffee and Chat is to feel like you're welcoming everyone into a relaxed and comfortable setting to chat and share together; to enjoy that sense of community, so much missed by many of our folk who are used to interacting, in some cases daily, with each other.

A “Zoom around the Farm” was very popular this week, with people delighted to see their animals, or their favourite sheep. As Chris filmed in the field with the herd of cattle, the cows and calves became fascinated by hearing lots of different voices coming from his phone, but being unable to see where the extra people were! More and more cattle came across to try to work out what was going on.

And for those watching in on Zoom, it was quite emotional for them to see the farm, which means so much to them. We hope and pray it will not be too long before people’s days can once again be filled with laughter and chatter, as they are supported face to face, not only online.



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