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This week saw another “Zoom to the Farm” take place! These opportunities are always popular with folks we support who are really missing coming along to project activities here at Caring For Life. It’s not the same as being back at the various therapeutic projects, but it does enable people to see staff members, look around the Farm on Zoom and also see each other, catching up with friends.

A lot of the people we support who are engaging with Zooms, are not used to these activities and the technical side, but they have been so keen to join in with 'Farm life' that they have given it a go! Confidence levels have built as relationships have formed, albeit via Zoom.  

This week’s Zoom was hosted by Jake and Lynn and the focus was plants of North American origin! Jake pointed out various plants in the sensory garden area, e.g. echinacea, heuchera monarda and rudbeckia, asking where they came from. The answer was always “North America”, which got everyone laughing. Jake also helped people to look for bison in the long grass! Everyone got into it and had a lot of fun.

It has been great to see people befriending those who were initially quiet, involving them and using the Zoom platform to welcome them. Catching up with friends is really important for all of us at this time and it was great to see how everyone taking part in the Zoom was so glad to see each another and so friendly.

"Err... Who are you calling Bison?"


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