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From Pencils to Planters!

The woodwork project is one of twelve daytime therapeutic projects that we have on the farm here at Caring For Life. It provides wonderful opportunities for those in our care to have social time, enjoy learning new things and become part of this little team. The milder days that we experienced late last year enabled us to keep the project mostly outdoors enabling the painting of all the summerhouses in the gardens and conservation area. We have also been able to complete the construction of a cedar shingle roofed Japanese gateway to the bonsai garden.

We make all sorts of things in the workshop from pencils to planters! Our beneficiaries take real pride in their creations and love seeing the results of their efforts, it is such a boost in confidence for them when they finish an item.

It has been wonderful to welcome some new people to the project recently too. A few weeks ago one of the ladies we support was overjoyed to be able to start the project after hearing about it 6 years ago! Transport problems had been the reason for her not being able to attend before now. Often transport can be an issue for people, either due to anxiety or distance and we try to accommodate this by collecting and taking them home where we can. We have been able to offer this lady a lift with one of our Time For Jesus Volunteers (TFJ’s) enabling her to finally join the project. It is so precious to see the joy on this lady’s face when she comes up and the excitement that she has about opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends! All our beneficiaries have been thrilled to get back to the project and have welcomed the new beneficiaries into the CFL family too. It is so precious to be able to provide them with a safe, welcoming environment where they can develop friendships and skills.




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