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Fundraising for Caring For Life

We are always greatly blessed by so many of our wonderful supporters who choose to undertake a fundraiser to help raise funds for the work of Caring For Life. It’s a real joy to see people coming together and not only raising money but also, spreading awareness of the vital work that we do.

Although expenses have been increasing across the farm this past year, fundraising happening up and down the country and the money that is raised hugely helps offset these costs, and means we can continue to care for more and more hurting and at-risk adults across the city of Leeds.

Over the past few months, it has been such an encouragement to see many people; hosting Pause For A Cause coffee morning events, using their creative talents to make and sell cards, using their Birthday as a time to raise funds, organising music events, or even hosting a Quiz… and we are so thankful for every single one!!

We would love it if you might consider taking up a fundraising challenge that would help raise funds for the work of Caring For Life, but we recognise that sometimes, the idea of organising and planning a fundraiser can feel like a big undertaking and can often put people off doing one. To try and help alleviate some of these worries we have come up with lots of ideas and tips on our website to help you, and we can even send you a ‘Pause For A Cause’ pack, which is full of helpful information for hosting your own coffee morning or afternoon tea.

We hope you might take some encouragement from the story of one of our supporters who has recently chosen to fundraise for us. This particular gentleman is 88 years old and is doing his first ever fundraiser! He has set himself a target of walking 10 miles and is hoping to raise as much money as he can while doing it!

If you are in a position where you think this is something you might be up for, please do get in touch with us, as we would love to champion and help you as best we can.

Through everything we do at Caring For Life, we know that as long as we keep our eyes continually fixed on Jesus, He will guide us through these difficult financial times, and so we give thanks for every penny we receive. This has been and will always be God’s work and we are blessed to be involved. Please pray God will continue to guide us in all we do as we seek to share His love with those on the fringes of society.

Rebekah Lewis


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