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Great to see old friends…

One of the great blessings of recent weeks has been the visits of beneficiaries when they come to have a walk around the farm.

It is wonderful to see our friends, even from a distance and behind a mask, and we often talk about the ‘good old days’ when we were all on farm projects together and look forward to the time when we can do that again.

One highlight of last week was the visit of our friends from Tindall House, our supported living home for gentlemen. Many of these gentlemen have been in the care of CFL for many, many years and the farm just doesn’t seem right without them,

Last week the gents were delighted to see and wave at many old friends. They were particularly excited to see the new stable block which is almost complete.

There was even a suggestion that they might like to move into the new stable block themselves and send the horses back to Tindall House!



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