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'Happy Homes in Lockdown'

Tindall It has been a joy and a privilege to be a part of Tindall House during the pandemic. The love, joy and support shown by each of the gentleman to one another has been nothing short of amazing. From early morning prayer meetings to a quiet chat in the games room or making a friend a meal when they are not feeling so well, no stone has been left unturned. Each of the gentlemen have rallied round and truly supported each other in a Christ like manner. Tindall House is, in every sense a family home, with real family values and where each person wants to love and serve one another. We thank God daily for these very special gentlemen.


Wendy Margaret

Lockdown was a pretty shocking thing to happen for us all. But actually it brought us all together much closer as a family at Wendy Margaret Home. The new routine started with Bible Study and prayers in the morning. It was a really lovely time to delve deeper into God’s Word on a regular basis. We learned to rely on God for His protection against the unseen threat of this awful virus. We built up a Trusting relationship with Him and Faith grew. It’s been amazing!

Although we weren’t able to go out , we celebrated birthdays and Special Days in style at home. The ladies love a party!

If anyone was feeling low or unwell, the loving care for each other really shone through. Rather than disagreements as you might have thought, Gods peace has reigned . Praise the Lord!




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