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Having a Healthy Day

Each day in the centre at Crag House Farm, we seek to provide healthy meals and options at lunchtime, for all attending the various therapeutic daytime activity projects here at Caring For Life. Lunchtimes often involve the option of getting involved in a game of football or baseball, and many of the activities at the farm include some healthy exercise.

Our Catering Academy Project Leader, Mark, talking to the group about good and bad sugars.
This week included a special focus on health, with Mark, our Catering Academy Project Leader, speaking about healthy eating and some of the hidden sugars and salt in some foods and drinks.

A healthy lunch followed, with the option of then going on a walk down the valley at Crag House Farm, a beautiful area to explore, which encompasses a good walk!

Helping people to think about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle can be especially important for any who may not have cared that much about their own wellbeing, and we hope that the special focus on “A Healthy Day” will be really helpful, on into the future.



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