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Introducing.. Our Core Team

In an ever-changing world, Caring For Life is seeking to provide consistent care for every person supported by the charity. We are also seeking to expand our reach, helping increased numbers of people. 

Our recently established Core Team provides help for every person supported by Caring For Life (CFL), other than the residents of our supported living homes. Every person has a Core Team worker, and that support remains, despite changing restrictions and changing project provision at CFL. This is a vital safety net which ensures consistency, in the ever-changing environment we all live in.

Regular phone calls are a key part of the support provided, but it may also include doorstep visits, delivery of emergency food parcels, help to secure housing, tenancy sustainment and benefits advice, as well as help to access CFL’s programme of online activities and its therapeutic projects.

During the pandemic, the pace of change can be bewildering and people who were already struggling can feel increasingly left behind and lost. Our prayer is that the work of our Core Team, combined with the on-site and remote work of our therapeutic project staff and the creative support available, will all help people through this tough time. 



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