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Jesus transforms lives

It was May when I last wrote something and a lot has changed since then… The world has opened up more and there have been so many opportunities to film interesting things happening, but more importantly, I’ve been able to film people in real life!

When I first started at Caring For Life in January 2020, I was making a film about the lives of 3 beneficiaries supported by the Being There team. One story stood out about a lady who was just about to go into rehab and she shared about how hard this decision was, leaving behind family and her life, but she knew it was necessary. She wasn’t a Christian, but our prayer was that she would encounter God during this time in rehab.

Fast-forward to September 2021, she had been out of rehab for a few months, and was making her way up to the farm to have a taster day on one of our therapeutic projects, to see whether being up here was right for her. I decided to go to say hello, doubting that she’d still recognise me after all this time. As I got closer to a group of people, I couldn’t see her… until someone threw their arms in the air and waved at me!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was like a different person and as we were chatting, I commented on how she seemed different, not just physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, mentally and she replied “That’s Jesus for you, love!”

She had become a Christian and it was so obvious that she’d gone through such a transformation! She was bursting with excitement from sharing how much Jesus had been at work in her life, how he’d helped her through the last months and worked in so many different areas of her life.

It’s times like these that remind me of the privilege it is to work at Caring For Life. The encouragement of being around our beneficiaries and experiencing Jesus at work in their lives is a constant reminder of how good Jesus is to us.



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