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Learning the Ropes!

The Lord has truly blessed Caring For Life over the years with the provision of the projects on the farm. It’s wonderful to see the beneficiaries arrive first thing in the morning ready for their particular project. The excitement and the buzz of anticipation is great to hear as they arrive. Then during the day, more and more folks come up to the farm looking forward to a fun and fulfilling day.

I’ve recently been spending time on some of the projects which has been so enjoyable. It’s been a learning curve, with the poultry team teaching me how to collect and dust eggs or the equestrian team showing me how to muck out the stables. I think that they have all enjoyed showing the ‘new boy’ the ropes!

It’s been a real joy supporting all the project leaders that run the daytime therapeutic activities here at Caring For Life. To see how they care for the beneficiaries whilst being alongside them on the project is great to see. Practically it is so encouraging, but to also see them share the good new about Jesus to our precious ladies and gentlemen while in the midst of God’s beautiful creation is amazing.

We thank God for the provision of daytime projects and pray that as God’s people we will honour Him in all that we do.



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