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Life from behind the camera!

Usually, in my role as Film maker and Pastoral Support Worker at Caring For Life, my focus behind the camera would be the beneficiaries on their projects, having fun up at the centre, or with the Being There team supporting someone in their home. Without the beneficiaries being here at the farm, or without being able to go into someone’s home to film, the focus has had to shift somewhat and it has been more difficult to tell the story of Caring For Life. As a filmmaker, I see my role as a ’storyteller’, so when these past months feel as if they have merged into each other and without the beneficiaries being here to help tell the story, we’ve had to try and get creative.

Fortunately, I work amongst a family of amazing people, whose heart is to continue to Share the Love of Jesus and show our beneficiaries what is happening here at the farm; work hasn’t stopped, the animals still need to be looked after, the grounds need to be tended and cared for, and a myriad of Zooms become the main meeting place!

I find that I’ve also spent more of my time filming God’s creation for the beneficiaries. It’s been bliss to marvel at the detail of the sensory garden, recording to the gentle beck at the bottom of the valley, filming the horses rolling around in the snow, or the brand new lambs. We’re still able to share so much of what is special about the farm through video and hopefully continue to remind the beneficiaries of God in the midst of everything going on. The world is full of beauty along with signs of peace and hope in creation and it’s been a privilege to be able to share that with those who need to be reminded of it.

It’s fantastic news that the country will be slowly and steadily opening back up over the next few months. As the beneficiaries start to come back on projects, I know all of us are so excited to be able to have them alongside us on the projects and I’m excited to be able to film it!



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