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"Lockdown Haircuts"

This was the title of a short film recently sent out by Caring For Life’s key workers to those they are supporting, seeking to encourage them and lift spirits. The film featured some of our sheep at Crag House Farm having a haircut! With the recent hot weather, the sheep were no doubt grateful to lose their heavy fleece!

It’s often very noisy out in the field as shorn sheep are reunited with their lambs. The lambs don’t always immediately recognise “mum” with her new haircut.. so it can lead to very rowdy bleating for a while, but it doesn’t last too long! 

“Lockdown DIY haircuts” have also been a source of comment when our key workers have held FaceTime sessions on the phone with people they are supporting or at online  group sessions being run on zoom, for craft, cookery, Bible studies and so forth. Everyone is always delighted to see their friends, and haircuts can be quite a conversation-starter. At least people do recognise one another, unlike the lambs!



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