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Not everything's changed

In these rapidly changing times, with all the sadness and upheaval of the pandemic, some areas of Caring For Life’s work remain unchanged. Our commitment to stay in touch with all those we are seeking to support remains unchanged, although the means of doing this has had to be completely altered.

But supporting people through decisions around benefits claims also remains in place, albeit remotely. Receiving a letter from the DWP when you are in isolation and already feeling very anxious, can be extremely worrying. It’s not easy when support has to be over the phone, but our key workers are supporting folk through these difficult experiences, helping to challenge any decisions they may need support with and  just “walking alongside” people through the process. 

We are very encouraged that several people have recently received positive decisions around their disability benefits, and this will make a huge difference for them.

One person who has been waiting a long time for suitable accommodation has keys for a new home and is really looking forward to settling in when that becomes possible. 

It really is not “business as usual”, but our key workers continue to help people with not only benefits issues, but also numerous practical issues around tenancies, utilities and other issues which help them sustain their tenancy.

We are thankful to be able to help and we continue to pray for wisdom in supporting people through this difficult time.


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