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Not quite the 12 days of Christmas!

This isn’t a song and it doesn’t rhyme but in the last few days at Caring For Life we have had….

660 mince pies

172 gift tags

162 Christmas gift bags

157 gifts

135 tubs of chocolates

115 boxes of biscuits

110 bags for food hampers

100 chocolate santas

19 rolls of wrapping paper

17 deliveries from online companies

15 books for children

and 2 rolls of sticky tape!

And then there were 7 days to deliver all of the above!

The Core team are out every day delivering the food hampers and gifts, along with Christmas cards, Christmas magazines, and invitations to an online Christmas Day service. It is a privilege to be able to deliver these goodies and to see smiles of joy and gratitude, to be able to chat on doorsteps and in gardens, and to share the ‘reason for the season’ with those we care for.



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