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Our Christmas Concert is back!

Here in the music room at Caring For Life, we are busy making the final preparations for our concert next week.

Due to the restrictions and changes during the pandemic, the last concert we put on here was back in December 2019! So as you can imagine, many of our beneficiaries are very keen to get performing again to their friends at the farm!

It’s a wonderful chance to showcase the hard work they have put into learning a variety of songs over the past year. It can be a real confidence boost for those taking part, as they get to share their talents and the joy of music with others.

Our programme includes some spirituals, a few songs from the 80s, and of course a good portion of Christmas carols. There will be a chance for the audience to join in with some of the usual favourites. In addition, the ladies have been learning a traditional French carol which describes the nativity story and expresses joy at the good news of Jesus. The gentlemen have been singing a jolly Yorkshire carol with great gusto!

It’s an exciting time, and everybody is looking forward to the opportunity to share what we’ve been practising - including a ‘secret song’ that we’ve somehow managed to keep a surprise! Everybody has either a solo or a special role to play, and for five of our folks, this will be their first concert at the farm.

One gentleman was so proud of how far he’s come and really grateful to have become a part of the family at the farm. He said: “I can’t believe I’m actually in a choir! Like one of those gospel choirs you’d see on tv! Brilliant.”

Please join us in praising God for this great opportunity to encourage our beneficiaries and to build them up.



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