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Part of the CFL family

This week we get to hear from Hannah our new Pastoral Project Worker on the Equestrian Project...

My grandparents have been supporters of Caring For Life for many years and having attended Supporters’ Days with them is where my love of this ministry flourished.

I knew from very early on that this was somewhere I’d one day love to work. I was overjoyed when the Lord opened the door for me to become part of the CFL family. My family and I left all that we knew in Hertfordshire and ventured up to beautiful Yorkshire. It has been 5 magnificent weeks and already it feels as though I’ve been here for so long.

It has been wonderful getting know staff and beneficiaries alike and I truly feel part of the family. The Equestrian Project has a feeling like no other, there is constant chatter and laughter and yet a peace which is hard to put into words .

I have learned very quickly the way in which our horses and ponies mean so much to our beneficiaries. It has been a privilege that many of our beneficiaries have felt comfortable enough to share their testimonies with me and I have learned how much they love our Saviour and call him their own.

One gentlemen in particular whilst we were fetching hay shared how he’d been learning in church of the 10 lepers who Jesus healed and how only one came back to thank him. He said ‘I would love to interview the leper and find out what Jesus was like, I bet he’d have a good story to tell’. It was a special moment for me.

I’m so excited for all that our Lord is doing through CFL and the way in which he uses our horses and ponies to work in the hearts of our precious beneficiaries!




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