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Summer Fun Days

Over the summer, we have a few fun days planned for the beneficiaries. These days are great fun, bring a bit of a change to the normal timetable and give the people we support a chance to let their hair down even more than normal!

So far, we’ve had a ‘Hollywood Day’; where people dressed up, created something (sketches, dances, poetry etc.), practised and then performed their work.

We filmed them all and put them together and were then able to hand out certificates, to award the hard work of the day.

Next up was a wonderful day to be spent in the lovely surroundings we have here at the farm. Abi, Harriet and Clare led the beneficiaries down the valley and around the ponds, whilst they could spot dragonflies, see the lovely wildflowers and marvel at God’s wonderful creation.

After a tiring walk back up, the group spent time making music and art in the Summer Houses or did a spot of pond dipping to see what they could find. It was lovely to be met with a serene Summer House of people sketching the pond and the environment around them, then to walk slightly further down and hear some incredible music being sung and then to get up close to the interesting, otherworldly sights of the pond.

At the time of writing this, a group will currently be at the beach! I’ve heard rumours of fish and chips, lots of fun, great weather (hopefully!) and overall, a brilliant trip to the seaside. I’ve been told a story before, that someone we support had never seen the sea before being a part of the Caring For Life family.

These Summer Fun Days really give an opportunity for some of the people we support to experience things they’ve never done before and to have a lot of fun whilst doing it.

We still have a few Summer Fun Days coming up, so please pray that they will be moments where people can thoroughly enjoy the activities, the time spent with each other and experience the love of Jesus.



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