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The Benefits Team being strengthened with new staff.

In sharing the love Jesus, we seek to provide practical support to ensure that a person’s needs are met. One aspect of this, is the support offered through our newly formed Benefits and Tenancies Team. This team has recently been strengthened with the addition of 2 part time members of staff.

The Benefits and Tenancies team seeks to support people through the benefits process (from initial application to appeal). Within this, they seek to walk alongside people to ensure that fair and just decisions are made and to relive some of the stress and strain that the benefits process can cause. The team are constantly keeping up to date with changes in the legislation, with the precedent created by the Tribunal and government changes in Benefits. This is essential to ensure that we stay ahead and are able to provide the best assistance to the individuals we support.

Last year, the DWP froze all reassessments for benefits, however many active cases had assessments completed remotely using three way phonecalls. We have also had to represent and support people through the appeal process. Therefore, throughout this time, our team have continued to support people remotely. We are very thankful for technology which enables us to engage with individuals through zoom or three way phone calls. This means of communication means that whilst we can’t be physically with an individual as we would like to be, we can be remotely present and help them through assessments, appeals and benefit forms.

In the last few months, we have begun to support new individuals and many are needing support with complicated benefits issues. This is where our Benefits and Tenancies Team jump in, with their comprehensive knowledge of the benefits system, to help iron out these issues and to ensure that individuals are awarded the correct benefits.

We anticipate that the fallout from the pandemic will lead to greater demand for support to access the right benefits. Therefore, we ask that you would pray with us for our team that they would know the Lord’s wisdom as they try to get alongside and guide individuals through the benefits process.



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