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The Importance of Routine

The residents of Caring For Life’s supported living homes recently embarked on a new programme of activities, to help combat boredom and maintain wellbeing. Despite lots of previous efforts to encourage activities, the new programmes have reintroduced a sense of routine which has been sorely missed during lockdown. It has already had a positive effect on people’s mental health.

The importance of routine is also seen in the fact that most folks prefer to undertake the same activities each week, finding this reassuring.

Residents have taken ownership of most of the activities at Tindall House, with one gentleman who is very good at crafts teaching skills to his fellow residents. Then another gentleman who has a large DVD collection took charge of movie night, choosing the week's film and sitting with the others to watch it. With another gentleman enjoying baking, movie nights are an opportunity to enjoy the results of that baking session!

At Wendy Margaret Home, activities have included drama, arts and crafts, gardening, lifeskills and movie night, which generally includes home baking or popcorn! Residents have been practising oneway queueing at a “coffee bar” at home, learning how to use face masks safely, and discussing budgeting. Then in the art and craft sessions a “Lockdown Wall” is being created, depicting all kinds of activities and celebrations which have been enjoyed during this time, despite the circumstances. 



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