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To Gather Together

The huge, cavernous barn on the farm is completely empty now after being the venue for our Prayer Supporters Day. It was great to see it full of hundreds of people who partner us in the work at Caring For Life, gathering together to share in our day of thanksgiving. They'd travelled from across the country and even across the Irish Sea to join us, what an encouragement they are!

Now the barn echoes to the sound of steel gates being erected, making pens to accommodate our cattle over the winter months. The same barn will become the maternity ward for our flock of sheep next March. But a cold concrete floor isn't the right conditions to house our animals, they need a straw bed to lay on. Thankfully, at this harvest time of year we are gathering in the supplies that we need for the coming months through generous donations and a partnership of our supporters involving some farmers in Suffolk who provide the straw and another Northern Irish friend arranging transport, coming together to make this happen! What a wonderful provision!

The generosity of all our supporters enables us to care for some of the most vulnerable in our community, whether here on farm projects or out in the city. After almost a year of being closed to our beneficiaries it's great to fill the emptiness of the farm with people again and hear the sound of them enjoying time here and being able to share life and the love of Jesus with them.

Just like so many other families, the Caring For Life family is delighted to be able to gather together once more!


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