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Walking & Talking

Since lockdown began, Caring For Life has continued its support of many individuals and families, but all through remote means. Other than when a food parcel or medication has been delivered, there has been no face to face contact, as home visits are still not possible. FaceTime and Zoom provide great opportunities for people just to see one another, but it’s still not the same as being with a person. 

All the support has been a vital lifeline, but it’s not the same as face to face contact and actually seeing and spending time with another human being.

As far as they are able, our team of key workers is now trying to go on socially distanced walks with some of those they support. This can really help people who have become very fearful of going out. It’s also a great way of enabling people to talk whilst walking in a local park, or just wherever is nearby, and there is the added bonus of simply being outside in the fresh air. 

Walking, rather than being sat face to face, can make talking easier and it provides  a really important opportunity for people to talk through experiences they are trying to process.. loss of a friend or relative .. fear of contracting the virus .. loneliness and the struggle to fill each day.

Our hope is that this very simple measure will be a real help to some of those we are supporting through this time. 


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