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Beside the Sea

This week saw a group of people who attend the therapeutic daytime activity projects at Caring For Life on Wednesdays, head off for a trip to the seaside. For some, this was a rare opportunity to be beside the sea; indeed, a rare opportunity to get away from the city.

Anticipating sandy feet and a salty sea!

Being in such different surroundings, seeing the sandy beaches, the chalk cliffs and the vast sea itself, is all very special, and a day away at the coast can lead to lots of times for one to one chats, when people feel free to talk, away from their usual life circumstances.

Comments on the surroundings came thick and fast!

“This has made my day. It’s ages since I was on the beach like this. It’s awesome!”

“I haven’t done this in years.”

“The sea is so peaceful - so much better than being near people!”

“I feel free when I’m at the sea.”

“I Just realised that God is here with us. It’s something about the sea.” 



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