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When a team of people tackle a task, or a series of tasks, it is generally a team of folks who already know each other well. This week at Caring For Life, we’ve done things a bit differently!

Our brilliant Volunteer Team who helped us in the run up to Supporters Day.
A whole team of volunteers is coming together from different areas of the UK, converging on Crag House Farm, the home of Caring For Life, to help in the run up to Supporters Day at the weekend.

Most do not know each other at all, but are willing to join up and form a team to tackle tasks! For some, this is a special opportunity to have a taster of what being a Time For Jesus volunteer is like! Time For Jesus volunteers give a year of their lives to help us in this Christian ministry. Two volunteers are already here and are spending the week helping its out.

Following a welcome, briefing and induction, the team will be split into groups to undertake different roles, and the list of potential tasks is pretty long! There is plenty to be done on site, as well as some work to be done in the community, supporting the general work of Caring For Life. It will require real teamwork, and this special team will also join the wider team of Caring For Life staff and regular volunteers.

We are, of course, hoping the team manage to tackle at least some of the list of tasks, but our prayer is that each person will really enjoy their experience of volunteering here, tasting Christian ministry and knowing that their teamwork will make a very real difference to many people.



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