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January has long been known as being a difficult month for so many to get through, and this year is certainly no different. For many of those we support, the feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness are felt, not just in January, but throughout the year. At Caring For Life we seek to help those who are at-risk and vulnerable and hope to rebuild and restore them to a more settled way of life.

So… Once again we are launching a fundraiser called ‘January Joggers’! In the past we have seen folk choose to take up running (or walking) throughout the month of January to help raise money for Caring For Life so that we can continue to support and care for those who are most in need.

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Step 1

Sign Up Through Our Website

It’s a great opportunity to stretch yourself, to help raise vital funds and also to spread the word about the work of Caring For Life.

To help with this and as an added incentive we’ll also provide you with one of our new ‘active wear’ fundraiser T-shirts, which are FREE to anyone who is doing a ‘sporty’ fundraiser!

Step 2

Send out our fundraising link

You could set up a JustGiving page and share with friends and family through Facebook or WhatsApp, or use a traditional sponsorship form, which we can provide, or a mixture of both. Either way share your event far and wide. You can find our JustGiving JanJoggers campaign page:

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Running Shoes
Step 3
Walk and Run

First, choose whether to walk, jog, run, sprint… Second, set yourself a target, for example:


- Walk 10,000 steps (about 5km) a day 

- Run 100km during the month!!

- Run a marathon (26.2 miles!)


If you need help measuring the distance you run you could use an app on your phone such as Strava or Map My Run.

We look forward to seeing how you get on – feel free to keep in touch and do send us some pictures to help keep you motivated!


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